We have a commitment with quality

Quality has always been and it will always be our priority. We know that our clients satisfaction depend on it.

To achieve this quality, we promote the professional training of our co-workers and we count with the technical accompaniment of independent laboratories. But the most important is the daily commitment of all the intervenient in the process of production. The commitment grows with the experience acquired throughout the years that has provided a deep knowledge of the raw-material, the several production steps and the accompaniment after-sales.

DLI has been for several years a certified company by the bureau Veritas, the group that attributes the International Systecode Certification.

All our products are produced and controlled according to the International Code – International Code of cork stopper manufacturing practices.

We also have a partnership with the prestigious laboratories CTCOR that allow us to offer our clients the safety and quality they deserve.


Our Partners

Quality is the priority for DLI and that is why we work with several respectful and independent entities.
Our goal: to constantly improve our products.

Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is the independent entity, internationally recognized in the areas of auditing and the process of quality certification.


CTCOR, Centro Tecnológico da cortiça, located in Santa Maria de Lamas, nearby DLI. Performs in the areas of professional training, laboratory support and technical advice.

CE Liège

CE Liège is the Organization that represents the European Cork Industry and lead the development of joint promotions supporting cork, its products and applications.


Associação Portuguesa de Cortiça is the entity that represents the Industry of Cork.