The Cork

The cork, by its characteristics, is a unique material in the nature and impossible to reproduce in artificial way. It is for long, the material per excellence used to seal the glass bottles.

Its unique qualities:
• Lightness
• Impermeability
• Elasticity
• 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable



Natural Corks

Produced with the finest corks, the natural cork stoppers is our Product per excellence. Perfect to preserve wine.

Colmated Corks

The base is totally natural and the pores are filled with cork powder. This process improves the visual aspect as well as its performance.


The T-Cork can be completely natural or natural colmated. It is usually used for liqueur wines. It has cap in the top, which can be wood, PVS, metal… according to our clients tastes.

Aqualcom Corks

Done from natural cork, this new colmatage has a watery base, that allow us to present you an eco-friendly cork, keeping its fabulous performance in sealing your wine.

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